Controllerist Dj Entrepreneur 

    DoB:         13-01-86
    Location:   London, England
    Music Style: House (Deep/Tech/Progressive/Electro)/D&B/Dubstep/Trap

    I am jon6oy, my first introduction to Dj'ing was by my good friend turned mentor Rich'Ard, an accomplished hard 
    house Dj during the 90's, during the summer of '09. Rich'ard demonstrated to me the basic principles of mixing music on 
    his Technic 1210's and Allen and Heath Xone 62 mixer. These early lessons were key to my understanding of the do's 
    and dont's of Dj'ing and armed with the basic tools I purchased my first mixer- a second hand Numark iDJ2 (with a dodgy 
    cue button and lousy BPM detection). As a keen follower of dance music I had already compiled a large collection of tech             
    /progressive house music as mp3 so the controller I selected suited this format, I was never going to be a vinyl Dj 
    unfortunately. After approximately 9 months using this controller, recording a few mixes onto a Mini Disk recorder 
    I felt it was time to move on and upgrade.
    Next came the Numark Mixdeck, an all in one twin CDJ and mixer combined that uses CD's, Flash Drives and has the     ability 
    to control Dj'ing software. Now I could really develop my techniques and started to get involved with some small private
    party's. It's now when jon6oy really began.

     As I began building myself as a brand through my own personal website, online social networking sites, and blogs I continued 
    to learn from my personal mentors as well as online video tutorials (such as Ellaskins on Youtube- legend!). It was during
    this process that I really discovered EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and a new style of Dj'ing known as 'Contollerism'. I was 
    inspired by the work of DJ Tech Tools of San Francisco and their exclusive, custom made controllers ans I now knew where
    I wanted to go. I bought myself a laptop, hooked my Mixdeck up with Traktor Pro 2 and got myself a Midi Fighter Classic!

    By the beginning of 2012 my style was starting to take a little more shape. My demos were being well received across the 
    many mix/demo hosting sites I chose to use and I was accepted to host my own weekly show on the internet based radio 

    But once again I was finding myself limited by my equipment, I couldn't be a true Controllerist without a controller. So along 
    came the Midi Fighter Beatmasher Pro, Vestax VCI 400-SE and Midi Fighter 3D.  Now I can truly call myself a Controllerist.

    So that is my story up to now, most of which is supported by my mixes on the sounds page of this site.  But I've come to a 
    difficult part of my journey. This has thus far been a self funded hobby, but now to take the next step I need funding.
    Can you help?

    I'm currently looking for donations towards my purchasing of music  so that I can fund my radio show and mixing/live projects.
    I'm a firm believer in supporting the artists and producers of the music I use, which doesn't come cheap.
    What do you get out of it? 

    If you are interested I will happily send mix CD's to anyone who donates to my cause. Just send me an e-mail with the word 
    'donation' as the subject and I'll send you PayPal information.

    Want to do more?

    What I'm really looking for is a sponsor. If this is of interest please click here to see my Exclusive Sponsorship Appeal Page.