Sponsorship Appeal

Hello, if you have found this page you have expressed an interest in sponsoring my brand as a Controllerist/Dj.

    Where am I?

    Dj'ing has been something that was once un-achievable, something other people did. But friends of mine showed me that this is not the case and I now find myself where I am today.

    I have taken my hobby really seriously and would now like to take things to the next level by making my hobby self-sustaining, and maybe even profitable. 

    To date the total investment in my equipment is approximately £3500 this is without the cost of purchasing music, an ongoing cost for any Dj. I pay a weekly charge of £10 for my slot on Freshradiouk.com as required as a donation to support the station in their acquiring commercial status in order to broadcast on terrestrial radio.

    These costs have started to catch up with me and I am now struggling to fund my brand myself. At present I have developed all my graphics and web design myself. I have recently enlisted the help of a professional graphics designer who is working on my brand at minimal cost. He has agreed to work at cost until my brand returns a profit and I can pay more appropriately. This has freed my time up to work more on promoting my skills.

    So with a brand being established and continued self promotion I'm hoping to get more bookings and start generating income.

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my appeal. I do hope to hear from you soon.

Very best regards,


    So, what am I looking for?

    Having paid out so much in equipment costs, and with the occurring costs of purchasing new music and promoting I am looking for an individual or business to financially sponsor my brand so I can take the next step. Additional funds will take a lot of financial pressure off me, but this is a big ask. I'd be more than happy with any business/individual that would like to donate services to my brand in any form.

    Having already played clubs such as The Honey Club in Brighton, and the prestigious Ministry of Sound club in London I am confident that with some of the pressure taken off I can secure more bookings and begin turning a profit. The next step for my brand then is to get into music production further establishing myself in the music industry.

    What is in it for you?
   That is entirely up to you. I am open to any suggestions, from a percentage stake in my brand to product/business promotion 
    through my social media networks and live shows. 
    So is this something you'd be interested in? Send me an e-mail with 'sponsor' in the subject line with any inquiries.